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Brides on a Budget: Five Ways to Save Money on Wedding Chair Hire

Chairs are one of the many things you may need to hire for your wedding, and luckily, if you are on a budget, there are ways to save money on your wedding chair hire. In fact, in many cases, you can save money without sacrificing style. Simply, take a look at these cash-saving tips:

1. Opt for simple styles and materials

When you start looking at wedding chairs for hire, you will encounter a range of styles and materials. In most cases, the more simple the chair you chose, the less expensive it will be.

For the lowest cost wedding chairs possible, look for metallic or plastic folding chairs. If that style doesn't appeal to you and you are willing to spend a bit more money, opt for bamboo, wood or resin folding chairs -- these chairs look better than plastic or metal folding chairs, but they are not as expensive as straight-backed non-folding ballroom chairs.

2. Use sashes rather than covers

When you hire wedding chairs, you can add a bit of fabric to them -- these fabric embellishments make the chairs more attractive and more comfortable, and they also allow the chairs to match your wedding colours.

When adding fabric you have two options -- chair covers or sashes. Covers can be a great way to disguise a folding chair and make it look more sophisticated, but they are typically more expensive than sashes.

Sashes are relatively thin strips of material that get tied around the back of the chair, similar to a bridesmaid wearing a light shawl with her dress. Compared to chair covers, sashes allow you to save money, while still adding some colour and sophistication to your wedding chairs.

You can also save money by choosing a relatively cheap material. For example, instead of choosing satin or silk covers or sashes, choose polyester. If you have a choice between prefabricated or custom made chair covers, make sure to choose prefabricated as that is less expensive. 

3. Use special chairs sparingly

If you like elegant ballroom chairs with satin covers, you can have them and still save money on wedding chair hire. Instead of having all of the chairs at your wedding fit this description, have just a few of the chairs at your wedding fit this description.

For example, have the chairs in the front row of your ceremony where your parents are sitting be lush and expensive, but have the rest of the chairs at the ceremony be simple and understated. Similarly, at the reception, the chairs at the table where you and the bridal party sit can be expensive and special, while the rest of the chairs are basic.

4. Tie in a marketing plug

In some cases, you can offset the cost of hiring chairs by turning your chairs into mini billboards. For example, if you are hiring a room at a museum or a hotel for your wedding, talk with the wedding coordinator at that facility to see if you can use chairs with their company's logo for free.

Alternatively, if you have a friend, colleague or relative who wants to promote their business, let them tape a small ad to the back of the chairs. In compensation for the free advertising space, they can pay for your chairs.

5. Pick up and set up the chairs by yourself

When you hire wedding chairs, the hiring company typically adds in a small surcharge for delivering the chairs and another surcharge for setting up the chairs. You can save on either of these costs by doing the work yourself.

Borrow a truck and send the best man to pick up your wedding chairs from a company like Chair Covers & Candelabra, or pay to have the chairs delivered but then have someone with your wedding party set them up.