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How Modern-Day Marquee Design Can Revolutionise Your Event

If you want to put on an event that people will be talking about for years to come, then you know that you need to take an unusual approach. As such, you will want to avoid any traditional or predictable venue and may need to find somewhere that is off the beaten path. If you have found such a venue and believe that it would give you that perfect "wow" factor, you may nevertheless need to bring in a lot of the infrastructure in order to make it work. The good news is that marquee design has become increasingly sophisticated, and you may be able to hire in a facility like this that can more than meet your needs. What do you need to know about the latest in this area?

Modern-Day Marquees

Long gone are the days when a marquee was simply a glorified tent with rudimentary facilities and basic design. These days, advances in engineering have matched up with creative imagination, and a marquee design today is more of a work of art.

Amazing Exterior

In fact, you may find it difficult to tell that the structure itself is actually a marquee as it may look far more like a permanent building. Designers use clear span structures, intricate facades and the highest-quality glazing systems, and the marquee itself may be spread over multiple floors. Due to the solid nature of the design, these structures can be easily soundproofed and air-conditioned so that you can include all the expected creature comforts for your guests.

Impressive Interior

If they look impressive from the outside, they will look even more spectacular from the inside. Customised liners and fabrics can be used alongside specially designed fixtures and fittings, and you're only limited by the scale of your imagination. Lighting gantries and sound systems can help to add the finishing touches, and it is possible to recreate any type of event theme or highlight an organisation's brand with careful planning. Remember, that these structures can be put up and taken down in a remarkably short space of time so you don't need to worry too much about the venue hire.

Bring in the Team

As you can see, you can create the perfect solution no matter where you choose to host the event. Consequently, you can look for the most stunning location first and, when you're happy, can discuss your needs in detail with a marquee hire specialist.