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Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Wedding By Adopting These 3 Simple Changes

Weddings are big business in Australia, with an average of $36,000 spent by couples on their big day. If you're planning your wedding, then this figure may make you break out in a cold sweat. However, it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams without the hefty price tag if you make these three simple changes.

1. Hire your wedding decorations

Australian couples spend almost $3000 dollars on flowers and decorations for their wedding. You can cut this figure down significantly by hiring your wedding decorations instead of buying them. This allows you to create a chic and beautiful look for your wedding and won't leave you with a huge pile of wedding decorations that you'll never use again.

Find a company who specialises in wedding decor hire to provide you with everything from traditional decorations such as table centrepieces and chair covers to more modern items such as wishing wells and rustic chalkboards. Many companies will offer a comprehensive package deal which includes everything you'll need to adorn your chosen venue.

2. Choose a non-catered venue

Venue hire, food and alcohol are the most expensive elements involved in an average wedding. The average cost is around $18,000 although this figure can be considerably higher at certain venues. These costs are so high because of staff and service premiums and because any alcohol you purchase will be subject to large price increases to ensure high profit margins for the venue.

Instead of choosing a fully catered venue, opt for a venue that allows you to supply your own catering and alcohol. Village halls, parks or even the attractive garden of a friend or family member are all popular choices. Even if you choose to hire a mobile caterer or pay a bartender or two, you'll still save yourself thousands of dollars.

3. Opt for a secondhand wedding dress

For most brides, having the perfect wedding dress is one of the key elements in creating a dream wedding. The average spend on wedding attire is over $4000, with the wedding dress accounting for a large portion of this figure. You can have the designer dress of your dreams without the enormous expense by purchasing a secondhand dress instead of a new one.

Unlike other secondhand clothing items, wedding dresses have almost only been worn on one occasion and will be in a nearly pristine condition. There are numerous websites and social media groups dedicated to women who wish to sell their wedding dress and recoup some of their wedding outlay. Even if you need to pay a dressmaker for minor altercations, you'll still be well under the average budget.

Weddings are wonderful and joyous occasions. By adopting these money-saving changes, you'll be able to enjoy your big day all the more without the stress of financial concerns hanging over your head.