Why Hiring A Coolroom Is Better Than Trying To Use Eskies And Coolers During Big Events

Whether you are hosting a party outside in one of the many picturesque parks or beaches that Australia has to offer or you are planning something more formal, like a wedding or business retreat, finding the right way to store your food and drinks is important. With summer approaching, even smaller events require places where you can keep perishable items cool, and many people try to use eskies and portable coolers they have at home. [Read More]

How to Ensure That the Wedding Day A/V Is Perfect

At a wedding ceremony, all eyes should be on the bride and groom. If this event is taking place at a private venue, the stage must be set very carefully. Everything else must be arranged around it so that the picture is complete and those all-important photographs are just right. Furthermore, the people who are sitting right at the back of the venue need to hear those vows correctly and feel as if they are part of the performance, so, all things considered, you need to place the A/V equipment carefully. [Read More]

How Modern-Day Marquee Design Can Revolutionise Your Event

If you want to put on an event that people will be talking about for years to come, then you know that you need to take an unusual approach. As such, you will want to avoid any traditional or predictable venue and may need to find somewhere that is off the beaten path. If you have found such a venue and believe that it would give you that perfect "wow" factor, you may nevertheless need to bring in a lot of the infrastructure in order to make it work. [Read More]

Save Thousands of Dollars On Your Wedding By Adopting These 3 Simple Changes

Weddings are big business in Australia, with an average of $36,000 spent by couples on their big day. If you're planning your wedding, then this figure may make you break out in a cold sweat. However, it is possible to have the wedding of your dreams without the hefty price tag if you make these three simple changes. 1. Hire your wedding decorations Australian couples spend almost $3000 dollars on flowers and decorations for their wedding. [Read More]