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Why Hiring A Coolroom Is Better Than Trying To Use Eskies And Coolers During Big Events

Whether you are hosting a party outside in one of the many picturesque parks or beaches that Australia has to offer or you are planning something more formal, like a wedding or business retreat, finding the right way to store your food and drinks is important. With summer approaching, even smaller events require places where you can keep perishable items cool, and many people try to use eskies and portable coolers they have at home. If you are hosting an event of any reasonable size, then there are a few reasons why you should consider coolroom hire instead.

Controlled Temperature For Longer

Eskies and coolers are good for short-term cooling solutions, but they simply cannot stand up in the heat for long when they are packed with items. If you do want them to last longer, then you need far more ice inside them, and that can ruin food. Coolrooms are controlled electronically, so they don't have that same problem, and they can run all day if you need them to. The last thing you want is to start offering guests lukewarm drinks as the day draws on or to have to order food because the items you packed have spoiled or gotten soggy.

Different Sections For What You Need

Coolroom hire companies have a lot of different models that you can choose from, with many of them coming with helpful designs so you can keep ice in one area, dry goods in another, vegetarian items somewhere else and ice cream and frozen goods in their own space as well. These different sections make life a dream and also mean that everything is easily accessible for anyone, so you don't have to be constantly directing guests to the right cooler. They can find everything they need on their own if need be.

Much More Room For Large Items And Longer Events

If you have particularly big objects that you need to keep cool, such as a large slab of meat or perhaps a couple of kegs of beer, then you might want to look into a larger coolroom option. These can be big enough to walk around in and have plenty of different zone-control areas for whatever you need. Mobile coolroom hire can also be a great service for camps and longer events where you want to experience nature without only eating two-minute noodles and prepackaged goods, and for those trips you will need a larger coolroom as well.