3 Essential Party Hire Items To Create A Magical Winter Wonderland For Your Christmas In July Garden Party

Christmas in Australia is all about fresh seafood, cold meats, icy-cold beers and champagne, and lazy days at the beach or by the pool. While these are great Aussie traditions, it doesn't stop many people from yearning for the more traditional white Christmases that are celebrated in the Northern hemisphere. For this reason, Christmas in July has become an increasingly popular celebration. Enjoying the festive spirit with family and friends during the cooler months lets you enjoy the hot Christmas food that isn't so appealing on a hot summer's day and is also simply a wonderful excuse for a mid-year family get-together. [Read More]

Having a disco themed party

A disco theme can be a fun way to have a groovy party that gives the guests and the party throwers a great excuse to get into a costume and hit the dance floor for some dancing and good times. Here are some tips on how to get your disco party looking great.  Hire a disco ball One of the best ways to get everyone in the disco mood is to display a disco ball in the middle of the dance floor. [Read More]

Chair Hire: Styles You Could Consider For Your Wedding

A crucial element to styling your wedding is the seating design that you choose. Some individuals are under the assumption that they could easily get away with plastic chairs that have been camouflaged with fabric. However, this does not enhance the comfort of the chairs. Your choice of seating design should not only provide comfort to your guests but they should also complement the tablescapes and the overall aesthetic of your event. [Read More]

Brides on a Budget: Five Ways to Save Money on Wedding Chair Hire

Chairs are one of the many things you may need to hire for your wedding, and luckily, if you are on a budget, there are ways to save money on your wedding chair hire. In fact, in many cases, you can save money without sacrificing style. Simply, take a look at these cash-saving tips: 1. Opt for simple styles and materials When you start looking at wedding chairs for hire, you will encounter a range of styles and materials. [Read More]