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3 Essential Party Hire Items To Create A Magical Winter Wonderland For Your Christmas In July Garden Party

Christmas in Australia is all about fresh seafood, cold meats, icy-cold beers and champagne, and lazy days at the beach or by the pool. While these are great Aussie traditions, it doesn't stop many people from yearning for the more traditional white Christmases that are celebrated in the Northern hemisphere.

For this reason, Christmas in July has become an increasingly popular celebration. Enjoying the festive spirit with family and friends during the cooler months lets you enjoy the hot Christmas food that isn't so appealing on a hot summer's day and is also simply a wonderful excuse for a mid-year family get-together.

If you're planning to throw a Christmas in July celebration, then here are three essential items you'll need to hire to create a winter wonderland in your backyard.

1. A marquee

While winter weather can be mild in many regions of Australia, having some shelter in your garden is important to create a comfortable environment for your guests. Hiring a marquee is the ideal solution and will provide respite from cold breezes or periods of rain.

It's best to hire a marquee that comes with walls that you can roll down if required. This makes the shelter more weather proof and means you can adapt the marquee from a daytime shelter into a cosier environment after nightfall.

2. Some patio heaters

To keep your guests warm and toasty at your Christmas in July party, you can hire portable gas patio heaters to warm the inside of the marquee and also outdoor areas. These are a safe, inexpensive and convenient way to keep the winter chill at bay when celebrating outdoors.

How many you'll need will depend on the size of the area you wish to heat. Talk to a representative of the party hire company you're using to find out the heating radius of the heaters they have available and also the best places to locate them are for maximum heating results.

3. A portable snow machine

Even in winter, very few regions will experience enough snowfall to guarantee a sparkling white Christmas for your July version of the holiday. Also, real snow means it's seriously cold which might not be pleasant for an outdoor celebration.

The solution is to hire a portable snow machine. These compact devices use a special liquid that is transformed into soft, realistic looking snowflakes which can be used to coat your backyard. The faux snow is non-toxic and can generally be recycled once your party is over.

With these three party hire items, you'll be able to create a magical and authentic winter wonderland for your Christmas in July. All that's left to do is decorate the tree, plan your menu and invite your guests.