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Chair Hire: Styles You Could Consider For Your Wedding

A crucial element to styling your wedding is the seating design that you choose. Some individuals are under the assumption that they could easily get away with plastic chairs that have been camouflaged with fabric. However, this does not enhance the comfort of the chairs. Your choice of seating design should not only provide comfort to your guests but they should also complement the tablescapes and the overall aesthetic of your event. Below are some of the different styles that you could consider when contemplating chair hire for your wedding.

Chiavari style chairs

This is one of the more popular styles of chairs that you will find at wedding ceremonies. They are made from natural timber and will typically have neutral coloured hues so as to blend in with the ambience. If you have a contemporary themed wedding with luxe metallic colours, you may want to consider metallic Chiavari chairs to match the theme. On the other hand, if you are planning a colourful event, then you could choose brightly coloured Chiavari chairs from your supplier.

Marais style chairs

These types of chairs are quite similar to bistro chairs. They have a more industrial appearance, thus would make a good option for people looking to add an edge to their theme. Since Marais styled chairs are not one of the elegant choices you could consider, they are better off being matched with a rustic theme such as farm tables, metallic tables and more. Marais style chairs will typically come in metallic colours such as gunmetal, silver and bronze but you can also have them painted if you would prefer a different colour.

Chameleon style chairs

As the name suggests, this style of chairs is designed to blend into the background. They will typically be transparent allowing your décor designer to customise them as they wish to match your wedding theme. They are an ideal option if you are looking to make use of slipcovers, sashes and more to enhance the appearance of your chairs. However, if you have a minimalistic wedding theme, you could choose to use the chairs uncovered to complement the contemporary edge of the theme of your wedding.

Rattan style chairs

These types of chairs are made from rattan and are a great option for beach weddings. The chairs are lightweight and easily foldable, making them a convenient option for smaller wedding parties. They are also one of the more economical options that you could choose for your event.