Organising a fun party

Having a disco themed party

A disco theme can be a fun way to have a groovy party that gives the guests and the party throwers a great excuse to get into a costume and hit the dance floor for some dancing and good times. Here are some tips on how to get your disco party looking great. 

Hire a disco ball

One of the best ways to get everyone in the disco mood is to display a disco ball in the middle of the dance floor. You can often hire these from party hire stores, along with a light that can be aimed onto the ball for maximum sparkly effect. You can hang this from a rafter if you have are having an indoor party or a party in a marquee. If you are having an outdoor party, you may need to look at having a pole or mounting device. The party store can usually give you some advice on this if you show them some photos of the proposed dance floor and party venue.

Have a hard dance floor

Disco comes with some precise and funky moves. Many of your guests might be in costume in high heels and seventies style costumes, so it can be hard to get down and do the best moves on the soft ground if you are having an outdoor party. (Also, high heels can be havoc on a lawn!) You can hire temporary dance floors that lay on the grass or a soft carpet to give you a dance floor for the night. 

Have a great sound system

One of the most distinctive aspects of disco is the music, so you also want to have a sound system that can play the music nice and loud. Many disco hits are also great fun to sing along to, so people often like to get a karaoke machine loaded with the best disco hits so that everyone can get up and pretend to be a diva. Make sure that you have a wide range of songs to choose from so that all the guests will get to hear their favourite disco hit. 

If you want to have a super groovy disco party to get everyone at the party moving and grooving, it's important to get the party venue set up perfectly. You can often find the items that you need in a party hire store so that you can get the perfect disco set up for an affordable price.